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Bandana Bibs were my first purchase from Melissa at a craft show (oh how I miss those days!) and I became hooked on her products! It fit my chunky boy so well and was very very soft! I bought that in 2016 (possibly early 2017) and we still have it! My daughter used it and now as I'm about to have my third and another boy he will use it too! Built to last, for sure!

Lauren R

Just realized that my MelissaMakes undies stand the test of time. They outshine any store bought brand by keeping their shape and comfort far longer!! No holes, no stretching, no wear.


Melissa’s diapers are made to last, and the quality behind her work makes it so easy. Our cloth diaper stash is currently diapering our 5th child. Between the super fun prints, and durability of our diapers, it’s made cloth diapering so simple for our busy family!

Melissa has a very unique sense of humour that she shows through her work, this also makes custom orders fun to design with Melissa...along with her friendly personality and quick response time!


I went totally crazy for the baby shoes when my daughter was born! The prints were beautiful and well matched with solid colours. I always got so many compliments on her shoes and TBH really wished I had a pair in adult size! She wore them for the first year and half of her life and I would recommend them to any Mom.


I buy undies for 5 grandkids, a niece, a nephew and myself. We all love the variety of prints available. Quality is always amazing! <3 <3


My son was gifted a pair of grow pants when he was about 6 months old and we were hooked! We have purchased many designs of grow pants and shorts over the years, and have loved every one. He only grew out of his first pairs when he as 4. My son is now 5.5 and Melissa still designs custom pants for us. We are very satisfied repeat customers, many times over.


My son LOVED his Mario pants! He has been wearing them consistently and they are still in perfect condition (coming up on a year of having them now!) They wear and wash really well! Five stars!